Creating distinctive masterpieces to captivate eager show visitors


Belazu – Taste of London


Attending a thriving food and drink paradise, the Taste of London festival; Belazu wanted their unique brand identity to captivate event visitors… a perfect job for team Create, the brand experience experts.

The brief for their new stand; to be open and inviting, simple to set up, adaptable with multiple orientations, flooring which can be level regardless of the ground it’s on, built in cameras to allow live streaming of chefs demos, and quite simply, be stunning to look at.

Create’s highly skilled team designed and manufactured a spectacular stand with Belazu’s requirements in mind. An important aspect for both Belazu and Clements was for all materials used to be sustainably sourced and fully recyclable.

Key Results:

  • Creating a visually stunning modular stand to be used at multiple types of events.
  • Designing, manufacturing and installing all aspects, for a successful Taste of London festival.
  • Clements taking care of packing down and all logistical elements, including storage of the stand ready for Belazu’s upcoming events.